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Classic Car Insurance in Oklahoma

Classic cars are icons of the American Dream. At Shore Insurance Agency, we are proud to offer Classic Car Insurance to owners in the Poteau, OK area.

What vehicles qualify for classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance covers antique, collector, and vintage cars and trucks. Generally, this includes vehicles manufactured more than 16 to 24 years ago. Some specialty or modified autos also qualify. If your car is registered as an antique with the state of Oklahoma, then it probably qualifies. Full qualification depends on how you use the vehicle, where it is stored, and your driving record.

How is classic auto insurance different from regular car insurance?

All cars, trucks, and motorcycles driven in Oklahoma are required to have insurance. Regular car insurance covers your vehicle during daily usage, commuting, running errands, visiting family and friends. Ordinary auto insurance is for your primary car. Classic car insurance is for vehicles with significantly less usage. You may drive to car shows or take it for a Sunday ride in the country, but you don't drive it every day.

What are the advantages of classic car insurance?

  • It provides significantly lower premiums than regular usage car insurance. Classic cars driven to car shows, meet and greets, and recreational driving are on the road less than other vehicles, so premiums are lower.
  • Classic car insurance is “agreed value” coverage. Once we agree on the value of your antique car or truck, that is the amount that you will receive if the vehicle is totaled. The value does not decrease over time, like coverage for daily use cars.

Come and see us!

Drop by our Shore Insurance Agency offices at 8001 North Broadway in Poteau, OK. We can answer all your questions and customize the perfect insurance policy to cover your classic car. Contact our agents for more information.

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