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Farm Insurance in Oklahoma

Shore Insurance Agency provides farmers in Oklahoma the protection they need to keep their farm up and running through every year's challenges. Whether you own and live on the farm, rent, or simply own the agricultural property, we have the policy designed for your individual requirements. Our agents in Poteau, OK will spend the time to review your situation and offer up suggestions that meet your budget while ensuring the farm will remain in business through trying times.

Protect Farm Buildings and Structures

Ensure livestock barns, equipment sheds, and other structures on the property will be protected in case of fire, theft, weather damage and a variety of other threats. Active underwriting helps the owner determine values and receive the compensation needed to repair or replace after an incident.

Farm Personal Property

Farming occurs with a unique collection of tools, crops, and livestock. Your assets will be carefully reviewed and insured against sudden loss. Personal property protection offers the flexibility only the farming community uniquely requires. Scheduled and unscheduled property are added as the owner requires and specifies.

Insured Losses

While most structural insurance policies protect against physical damage to property, farm insurance needs to include some unique circumstances that the owner may want to protect their livestock against such as electrocution, attack by wild animals, accidental drowning, and others.


Ensure the business stays viable when a visitor is injured or harmed while on the property with the correct liability coverage. Variable deductibles protect your ability to pay for medical bills and damage when the unforeseen accident occurs.

Combine Coverage and Save

Many farm policies can be extended to combine coverage for a dwelling situated on the same property with the farm buildings. When a storm rolls through, a combined policy can help the owner expedite repairs to the entire operation while protecting the family.

Sit down with a Shore Insurance agent in Poteau, OK today to discuss your Oklahoma farm insurance policy needs. Visit our office or give us a call to make an appointment.

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