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Health Insurance in Oklahoma

Health Insurance can be one of the most intimidating purchases you are required to make. Shore Insurance offers a variety of health insurance products that meet all Affordable Care Act and Oklahoma requirements and are carefully selected to meet your family's budgetary restrictions. Our knowledgeable and fully trained agents will take the time to ensure you understand all the services available when purchasing a policy.

Explore Your Options

If you still have a grandfathered traditional fee-for-service health insurance policy, it may be time to consider some of the managed care options that are now available under the ACA. With annual penalties levied by the IRS for individuals who are not properly protected according to the ACA, it may be beneficial to make the change at this time. Generally, more services are covered under policies that are considered to be compliant under the new regulations. A fully informed insurance agent will be able to help you wade through all available policies and make the best choice.

Select Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Health insurance comes in many different forms with a wide array of co-payment options available. Choose a policy that meets your income demands. Lower co-pays for frequent office visits help growing families or individuals with chronic health conditions. For a healthy individual with a comfortable income, selecting a policy with higher out-of-pocket limits increased co-insurance payments but a lower premium may work better for their lifestyle. Your Shore Insurance agent will review all the options to help you make the most advantageous choice.

Find Assistance for Medicare Supplemental and Long-term Care

Protect your hard-earned assets from an unexpected extended illness with a long-term care policy or help to bridge the gap in your Medicare coverage with a supplemental policy.

The agents of Poteau, OK at Shore Insurance Agency are prepared to help you sort through all the Oklahoma health insurance options with compassion and understanding. Give Shore Insurance Agency in Poteau, OK a call today.

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