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Workers Compensation Insurance in Oklahoma

Employees in the state of Oklahoma who work for a company or organization should be aware of the value of workers compensation insurance and everything that it entails. Workers compensation insurance is essentially an insurance program that covers employees in case an accident occurs on the job, which could potentially place an employee out of work for a certain amount of time.

The insurance is typically paid for on behalf the employer, who is seeking immunity from any potential lawsuits should one of their employees become injured while on the job. In a sense, the employer is protecting themselves as well as their employees if an employee unexpectedly gets injured. This way, a third party - the insurance company, meets the employee's monetary needs while the employee is recovering from the injury.

What type of workers would benefit most from workers compensation insurance? Well, if an employee works in some job where there is an inherent danger involved, it would be in that employee's best interest to make sure that his/her employer offers workers compensation. In fact, Senate Bill 306, which has been in effect since November 1, 2009, requires contractors to provide proof of workers compensation insurance before being eligible to receive a building permit.

What kind of coverage does workers compensation insurance typically offer? It provides medical benefits to treat an injury, disability income for a specific amount of time, funeral expenses for employees who lost their lives, and even death benefits for the dependents of employees who lost their lives while on the job.

Shore Insurance Agency in Poteau, OK is glad to assist you in learning more about workers compensation insurance and how it can benefit you. Feel free to contact our office in Poteau, OK for further details regarding workers compensation insurance. Shore Insurance Agency wants to protect your employees from the worst.

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